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    Your Ambitions. Your Dreams. Your Life.

  • Life, the game: a motivation fuel to make your dreams come true.


    Is Life. the next Facebook?


    Super project halfway between a social network and a game. That's a great innovation!


    Is Life the answer to the question: What to do with Google glass?


    You want to eat an entire pizza in 1 minute? Make it an achievement with Life, the game.

  • The Co-Founders.

    Awesomeness Generator
    Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
    Community Manager
    Graphic Designer 
    Eclectic Tinkerer
    Chief Executive & Technical Officer
    Website developer
    UX & UI Designer
  • The Contributors.

    We are so thankful to them. Life. would not be that great without those marvellous people.

    Website developer
    API developer
    Business Expert
    Meetup Organizer
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    Past Contributors

    Adrien - API developer
    Thor - API developer
    François - SDK developer
    Antonin - Ergonomist
    Simon - full-stack iOs developer
    David - SDK developer
    Nicolas - iOs front-end developer
    Guillaume - API developer
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